Turning Nonprofit Worry Into Action

Joan M. Renner, CPA, CGMA, Director 501(c)(fit!)

It’s a pretty spring morning. You head out your front door. You smile at the blossoms, you admire the tulips, you get into your car…and there it is, your “check engine” light glaring at you. Something needs your attention, even if you don’t know what it is.

There’s a busy mom in a recent TV commercial who puts a sticker over her “check engine” light. Like her, you might not have time to deal with a service visit. You might not have the money to get your car fixed. You might be ready to sell the car, join a car pool or start riding Metro. But whatever your choices, you know one thing. You’ll have to take action. The issue won’t stay out of sight forever.

Nonprofit leaders often have their own “check engine” light. Board members may worry about what might happen if their long time Executive Director retires. Members of management worry about what might happen if tight budgets continue to stretch staff too thin. These are valid concerns that need to be addressed.

But, too often, nonprofit leaders block out their worry light without moving forward. They might not have enough hours in the day, or enough money in the budget to address the issue. They see some obstacle blocking each path. As a result, they continue to worry.

What can we learn?

A risk assessment process can help you turn your worries into action. In an organized risk assessment, nonprofit leaders identify and address risks through a process to “see it”, “size it up”, and prepare to “avoid it, tame it or at least watch out for it”.

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You wouldn’t ignore the “check engine” light in your car. Drivers take action to avoid trouble down the road. What makes your nonprofit any different? Don’t wait until something happens. Take action through a risk assessment process, and prepare your organization for the future.

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