Convince Your Boss

501(c)(fit!) seminar participants benefit from a wealth of useful material on nonprofit governance, accounting and tax that they can use in their jobs right away. They appreciate the way 501(c)(fit!) presentations distill complex concepts into the relevant points for nonprofit leaders.

Attending a financial leadership seminar is an investment in your future and in your organization. If you need to ask your Board or CEO to pick up the tab, here are some suggestions:

  • Set a time to discuss the seminar with your boss. Bring the material that supports your request.
  • Point out the specific session titles that will benefit you and your organization.
  • Explain the unique content that may not be available to you elsewhere.
  • Note the specific matters you will be able to discuss with the presenter and fellow participants.
  • Agree to prepare a report for your leadership team upon your return from the seminar including valuable notes and handouts.